TonyYou’ve probably heard stories of couples living the dream life overseas,  sipping pina coladas from their front porch while looking at stunning ocean views as their maid tidys the house or unpacks fresh produce grabbed just that morning from the local markets…and all this for a fraction of the cost of their former lifestyle back home.

Meanwhile the rest of us spend 3 hours a day sitting in traffic congestion or 50 hours per week looking at the inside of a 4 ft by 4ft cubicle so we can make enough money to grab a small taste of the good life on the weekend or spend one week per year spending a fortune at some resort where we desperately try and grab some sense of our own sanity.

When I used to read stories like this I thought they were the work of clever marketers keen to push their product or someone who’s rich uncle had died and left them with enough money to drop out of the real world and sustain themselves indefinitely – in short what sounded too good to be true must be untrue.

…that is… until on a hastily grabbed holiday I met Pam and Steve…

it became apparent during a casual conversation around the hotel swimming pool that Pam and Steve were not just grabbing their 7 day annual fix of utopia – they did this all the time (admittedly not normally staying at a hotel, house swapping was their standard means of escape, but they had two nights to fill in until their house became available). As they shared stories of the wonderful trips they had enjoyed I came to the conclusion that they were obviously well heeled and only those with a sizeable bank account could do what they did.

…but it wasn’t the case. Steve had been an insurance salesman and Pam a stay at home Mum. They had never earned more than $US 54,000 in any given year yet had spent the last 3 years living the expat lifestyle for one third of the cost of their former life in Milwaukee. They weren’t touching their savings and picked up a little bit of work when they felt like it (Pam had been making a nice living selling soap making recipes online).

…but what really hit home was how they looked. Steve was the same age as me (we were only 6 days apart) but he seemed so relaxed and looked 10 years younger than my stressed out body felt at the time.

did Nirvana exist after all?

I left for home feeling dejected…yet hopeful…if Steve and Pam can do this then others must be able to as well…including me.I decided to try and find other people like Steve and Pam…to prove that this wasnt a one off freak of nature…

…and it turned out they were not alone.

The more stories like Steve and Pams I found the more I realised that the dream life wasnt impossible and it didnt belong in a blog or magazine. These people were real and they were happy to talk… so why not give them the chance to?

So I started this podcast, a daily trip to paradise where real people who had lived lives just like yours had thrown off the shackles of our “one day when I retire…”lifestyle in return for a large bite of living now.

These podcasts have been created for one reason only… to show you that this life is real, it is possible and it can be yours. Each persons circumstances are different…where they live, how they travel, what it costs and how they fund it…but their level of happiness and enjoyment was much the same. Sure their new lifestyle had its own challenges and there is no such thing as perfection… but compared to what they were doing before there are few who harbor any regrets.

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Until we meet