You never know where a chance meeting can take you. A train ride to London saw Alice Nettleingham sitting beside a girl who had just come back from teaching English in India. Alice’s life in the English National Health Service wasn’t unhappy but she felt there was more. Inspired by her talk Alice decided to venture out and explore the world and three months later found herself in South Korea.

She has since explored much of Asia, falling in love with the region and its people. She will traditionally spend a good period of time in each place she visits getting to know it properly, and never quite knows where her next adventure will take her.

We caught up with Alice in Taiwan where she has been for the last month. You can check out her blog at

12079319_1050477961669551_9128246537334507179_n Thai cooking school

What I learned from Alice’s Interview:

  1. Being young, female and single doesn’t stop you from venturing out into the world and discovering what the planet has to offer.
  2. Be spontaneous! Within 3 months of her chance meeting with someone who had taught English in India Alice had completed her TEFL training and was on her way to South Korea
  3. Don’t always believe the media. Her father was fearful of her going to Korea due to the rumblings of North Korean trouble but when she arrived she found the people of South Korea were relaxed and found the whole thing quite laughable. Always remember the media love a good story and the best way to find out the truth is to speak to people who have been there.
  4. China offers fantastic trekking, hiking and mountain biking trails – who would have thought!

Taiwan is very affordable. I had assumed as an economic power that it might be on a similar costing to places like Japan but transportation and meals are very cheap there

Check out this episode!

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