Being an expat doesn’t have to mean leaving your old life behind. An increasing number of people are enjoying the benefits of their home life while spending a significant portion of the year in other locations – and you don’t have to be a retiree to do this.

Jen and Jay Kerwood are Toronto natives who have spent the last 3 northern winter living in Cancun, Mexico. They spend around 8 months of the year there, returning to Toronto during the summer months when the weather is more settled.

Jen and Jay aren’t the baby boomer generation either – they are able to combine a portable worklife with the opportunity to travel and enjoy the best things that Mexico has to offer.

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To get in touch with Jen and Jay and discover more about their lifestyle you can contact them via their blog at

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What I learned from Jen and Jays interview:

  1. Becoming an expat doesn’t have to be a fulltime commitment. These guys get the best of both worlds – avoiding the harsh Toronto winters but able to spend time at home catching up with friends and family and enjoying the benefits of big city life.
  2. Cancun has two parts to it. You can be a tourist along the beachfront but step back a few blocks and you’ll find a world of locals, very little English spoken and an affordable lifestyle – plus plenty of expats to make you feel welcome
  3. Cancun can be a great stepping off point for visiting other parts of Mexico and Central America. It’s a centralized location with many interesting areas you can visit within a short drive from its beautiful shores
  4. Mexico isn’t just for retirees. Although the expat community has its fair share of the older generation more and more younger people with portable lifestyles are enjoying the benefits it has to offer.
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