There’s a book inside almost everyone and in Virginie Carmichael there was several! The Quebec native and her boyfriend Chris Lippi are building their own publishing empire once step at a time as they look to travel the world.

Virginie has released 6 novels on Amazon so far while finding time to travel through South America and Eastern Europe. Chris’s skills lie in web development which has helped fund their lifestyle to date and he is soon to launch an app to help new authors get their books to a wider audience.

We caught up with them both between journeys back home in Canada. To follow their journey go to or check out Chris’ new app at

Virginie Carmichael and Chris Lippi - Farm Boy City Girl Virginie Carmichael and Chris Lippi - Farm Boy City Girl

What I learned from speaking with Virginie and Chris:

  1. Virginie has found a little niche for herself writing novels and thanks to the internet there are now opportunities to sell these on Amazon in a way that was never possible before. It opens up a whole new opportunity for those looking to change their lifestyle to travel and the opportunities in this space will only get better. You don’t have to be JK Rowling to be successful.
  2. Eastern Europe offers some beautiful travel options at a very affordable price. Croatia is already well known to travelers but other options like Bulgaria are fast playing catch up on the list of places worth seeing. Some of these countries are outside the Schengen agreement which relaxes the restrictions on how long you stay.
  3. Don’t let your education stop you from travel. Like Brendan Lee, Claudia Tavani and Jodi Ettenberg it would have been easy for Chris and Virginie to feel that they owed a return to the investment in their education. If you’re not happy doing what you do however what price will you pay if you don’t do what you love?

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