These questions serve as a guide only.  If you have a more specific topic you want to share please let us know.  For example: house sitting, hiking internationally, travel blogging tips, On the Road Education for Children, Budgeting on the road, travel hacks, teaching English, how to earn money while travelling, luxury travel hacks etc etc

If any of the questions either don’t apply or you don’t feel comfortable answering, just let us know.

Firstly tell us where you are right now .Describe your surroundings …looking out over the city/wineries/beach/palms that sort of thing

What made you decide to embark on your adventure? Tell us how you lived before

What was the deciding factor that made you take the plunge?

Where did you head first and why?

What concerns did you have before starting and have those issues become real?

How long have you been travelling for now?

What do you enjoy best about your way of life?

What have been the best and worst experiences?

Has there been any disappointments about travelling like this?

What has been a pleasant surprise?

The big Mac and beer question…cost of living? What’s your average monthly expenses??

How are you funding your lifestyle? How do you finance yourself now?

Healthcare? How do you cover for this (and have there been any incidents??)

Safety? Is this a factor (and what’s the scariest thing to happen so far)??

How does your extended time away impact on tax status, pension funds, medicare etc?

How to you school the kids? (if applicable)

Have language barriers been an issue?

What’s next? Do you plan to do this forever or will you go back to ‘normal’ living again??

What’s the best new experiences you’ve tried?

What do you have to do without? What do you miss the most from home??

Internet coverage – easy to get in most places? Or stand on a hill with your phone pointed to space? J

What things should people consider when choosing a life like yours?

The Final Question: How has what you are doing changed your life?