Katya Sarmiento’s time in college certainly gave her a well-rounded education. She embarked on a number of options including air traffic control before realizing a life of travel and entrepreneurship was her true passion. She dropped out of college, quit her part-time job and started her own online business intent on building her future.

Through online contacts and Facebook groups she built relationships and helped others. In return they offered her a place to stay when she visited. She soon realized that the sharing world of digital entrepreneurs not only provided her with knowledge and friendship but new places to call home.

She now spends most of her time traversing America attending events and hooking up with her digital buddies. Her accommodation is largely free and she gets to experience new locations like a local.

We interviewed Katya back home in Miami over the holidays where we discussed her decision to leave traditional education, what life is like as a “digital homeless” and how we need to learn to accept the generosity of others or risk depriving them of the feelings of helping a fellow human.

You can find out more and check out Katya’s free online resources at her website http://www.reachandmakemillions.com

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What I learned from Katya:

  1. We forget that not accepting the generosity of others is taking away from their experience. In many cultures it is considered rude not to accept a gift of help or generosity yet we are often brought up to believe accepting help or charity is wrong. This is not the case.
  2. It’s important to understand that accepting without giving is not the answer. Katya built a network of online contacts happy to accommodate her not because she asked first but because she reached out and provided value from which offers then came. Sometimes value isn’t always exchanged directly but can come about by paying forward the generosity of others.
  3. The secret to building online success is still about connections. Even though being online can be seen as less personal than face to face the secret to any business is still the network of contacts and friends you can genuinely build
  4. Katya has benefitted from joining Facebook groups which create a real community and allow members to communicate far easier than normally social media channels. Linked In groups have also helped.

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