One of the issues facing perpetual travelers and those wishing to become global nomads or expatriates is “where do I make some money?” Well there are lots of options available online but if you’re into a more traditional form of work and don’t mind giving up some of your privacy then being an au pair or child carer could be the perfect option for you.

Today we talk to Roisin Grace about her experiences of being an au pair in Paris, the do’s and don’ts of being an au pair and where you can start if you’re wanting to become one.

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Roisin Grace in Parisversailles

What I learned about being an au pair:

  1. It isn’t difficult to become an au pair and no qualifications are required. You can choose to go through an agency or look via Facebook to see who is interested. You might have to give up a little bit of money through an agency but it will give you a little more certainty about who you are dealing with and an out if the arrangement doesn’t work (agencies can normally deal with relocating you if the relationship doesn’t work out)
  2. Money isn’t great with being an au pair but the perks can be worth it. You need to be clear if you are living in or getting your own accommodation. If you live out then you’ll need more money to cover your living costs. Travel may be part of your additional benefits so it pays to ask what the plans are with this
  3. Make sure both parties are clear on expectations. Will you be cooking or cleaning? Setting the ground rules from the beginning for both parties is very important.

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