“You’re about to discover a world where 9 to 5 doesn’t happen anymore… a place where you can enjoy a first world life for less than $1000 per month, where the food is cheap and accommodation can often be had for free. Where you can travel as far and for as long as you like. It’s real…and you can meet the people who are living it”.

One of those people is Barbara Weibel.

Ever since she was a child growing up in the 50’s Barbara had developed a desire to be a travel writer but “reality” had got in the way. Instead, she had done all the “right things“, spending her life working long hours on the corporate ladder doing, in her own words “work she hated… for all the wrong reasons.”

Her life seemed destined to play to the script until suddenly she became ill and was diagnosed with lyme disease. Suddenly everything was different. “I got scared that I was going to die and not be able to do all the things that I had always wanted to do”.

For years she had felt like her exterior was together but that there was nothing in the middle – no soul. She felt like a donut.Promising herself that if she got better she would walk away from everything she had built from 36 years of hard work, she gave up her corporate career and at age 54, she put on a backpack and decided to head off on an adventure and become a travel blogger.

Her friends and family thought she was crazy but Barbara wanted to be true to herself. Everyone told her it couldn’t be done. In her mid-50’s she couldn’t possibly break into travel writing without a portfolio, and with no experience, but with sheer determination and stubbornness she persisted.


Barbara’s new life gives her the freedom to do things she never thought she would

9 years on she has visited over 65 countries and her Hole in The Donut Cultural Travel blog has established her as one of the top 50 travel bloggers in the world. She is a tribute to how you can find true happiness if you are prepared to go searching.

Barbara is the cover story for Issue 2 of our magazine. You’ll love hearing her stories of adventure, about her adopted second family in Nepal and why Budapest is one of her favorite cities in the world.

Barbara is not alone. There is a world of people turning their back on a life of “western congestion”. For them a 3 hour daily commute to the office is no longer what it is all about. They want freedom before it is too late – many are families who seek quality time with their children while they can still have it.

One Van; Four Kids; Twelve Months – An Epic World Adventure

The early death of a young nephew at only 7 years old from leukemia was the catalyst for the Morgan family to change their lives. ” It was a big eye opener for us” said Iri Morgan. ” Driving to the funeral I turned to Jarred and said “ this could be us. Let’s do something crazy, let’s take our kids out of school and travel around the world while we can“.

They quickly agreed and gave themselves 12 months to sell up everything for the adventure. The process of getting rid of all their possessions was a journey of liberation for them. “It made me realize you don’t need 3 televisions and a fridge with an ice maker” says Jarred.

Making the decision that their journey would only be with carry-on luggage they left in December 2014 with their 4 children aged 13, 11, 9 and 4 and headed through Asia towards Europe and on to North America. The six of them traveled and slept in a combi van in Europe and ” upgraded” to a 1981 RV for the North American leg of their travels.

Morgans go travelling San Francisco

The Morgans during the U.S. leg of their round the world adventure

Their adventure has had many amazing moments but the best part has been the time they have been able to spend with their young family.” It’s special to see Jarred develop his relationship with the kids, he had always been working before” said Iri.

Jarred agrees. “We made a decision we wanted to be there for our kids – that wasn’t always happening the way we wanted it to before. Now it’s different – I just love to see their expression when they wake up in the morning after I’ve been driving all night and see a new town or a new culture – that’s special

The Morgan’s adventure is indeed special – and you can find out more about it as the cover story on Issue 3 of our magazine.

Living a new life overseas isn’t just for retirees or traveling families though. Many young people are looking at the lifestyle of their parents – 40 years of working to pay off a mortgage – and are now saying ” no thanks”. They are changing their life course and heading overseas, turning their back on traditional career paths and abandoning degrees that failed to deliver the work they had hoped for. Many are beginning a location independent online business that can sustain them on the road.

Still others are using the new wave of internet tools as a means of seriously cutting their travel costs. Most are able to travel the globe for less than the cost of living back home.

This Couple Use 60 Credit Cards (without spending a cent) To Save Thousands in Travel Costs

They’re Andy and Leanna Brown, the Economical Excursionists. Originally from the US but now based in Germany.The Brown’s have mastered the art of travel hacking – using credit card points and frequent flyer miles to legally gain multiple flights, upgrades, free hotel stays and free airport lounge access – all for no more cost than their normal everyday living expenses. They use up to 60 credit cards (without spending money on them) and payment systems like Amazon to gain themselves air points for use on their trips.


The Brown’s save thousands on airfares every year

They were recently able to travel across Europe, through Asia and Australia and back, and gain free lounge access and some seat upgrades along the way – a total of 28 flights each for both of them – for the princely sum of just $US1500. That’s an average of just over $26 per flight!

The Brown’s annual living costs of $US35000 includes visiting an average of 10 countries per year – and they are a perfect example of how travel can be more affordable than you think. As they love to say “travel doesn’t have to be expensive…just memorable”.

You’ll discover how they do it in an upcoming issue.

Could You Earn $US5000 Per Month Writing About Your Adventures?

One couple who do are Yeison Kim and Samantha Wei – based in Costa Rica these two young entrepreneurs have, in a very short period of time built a travel blog that now provides them with over $US5000 per month – more than enough to live a comfortable laidback lifestyle on the beautiful beaches of this Central American paradise – regularly voted as the country with the happiest people in the world. It allows them to live very comfortably while providing them with the funds to travel the globe where they often speak at travel blogging conferences. Yeison shares the secret to how to build a successful travel blog that makes money in our next issue.

You’ll Meet the Retired Couple Traveling the World Comfortably For Only $US63 Per Day

They’re Australian traveling expats Duncan and Jane Dempster-Smith. Getting their teenage children off their hands was the start of their re-think on life. “We found ourselves looking at one of our son’s enjoying his overseas experience in Europe with envy. We asked ourselves the question – why can’t we have our own overseas experience?” said Jane.

Duncan and Jane Dempster Smith

Duncan and Jane explore the world on just $US63 per day

A 12 month dry run convinced them that it was possible and that they could do it for no more cost than the expense of living at home in Sydney. They sold up all their possessions and headed off for good – this time with the goal of reducing their costs still further – to just $US63 per day – the amount they would receive from the Australian government pension when they reach retirement age.

To date they’ve been keeping to budget while having a ball in some of the world’s most stunning countries. The amazing thing has been how much cheaper life has been without mortgages, insurances, two cars and the expense of maintaining various doodads they really didn’t need. “We had a garage load of stuff before but we just chose to close the door and not look at it!” said Jane. A simpler life has given them the freedom and money to do what they want “It costs me more to sit at home on the couch” says Duncan. “Why would I not want to travel?”

Duncan and Janes inspiring story of affordable world adventures is coming up in a later issue.

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Here’s a taste of what you will get in the next two issues…

  • In Issue 2 Anita Oliver and Richard Nash have journaled part one of their step-by-step process to getting a residency visa in Portugal as they take us through the process with them. If moving to one of Europe’s most popular expat havens is on your list then you’ll find their information invaluable.
  • Chuck and Lori Ros tell us how they’ve journeyed as expats in their own country – the U.S.A and how you can enjoy the good life in your home country for less than the cost of staying at home.
  • We’ll discuss how to set up a location independent business teaching English online with Jack Askew who has shown dozens of other people how to do exactly that.
  • Margo Etterling tells us what she considers the top 15 outdoor experiences to enjoy in Europe based on her time as an expat in Germany.
  • Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson tell us why they feel housesitting is the ultimate way to travel and how you can get started on the path of living for free.
  • Karen Attman gives us her perspective on why Colombia is fast becoming one of the most desirable places to live – free of its former history of crime and drugs and Jenna and Micah Kvidt will tell you the 10 things you need for a successful road trip.
  • Diana Edelman will detail why she walked away from the perfect job to pursue her passion caring for elephants in Thailand

… all that and more… and that’s only in the next two issues!



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This well appointed top floor apartment in Quito, Ecuador with views of the city cost it's renter just $US 26 per night

This well appointed top floor apartment in Quito, Ecuador with views of the city cost one of our interviewees just $US 26 per night

We’ll show you, along with our expert correspondents who are living this life in the field, the online resources that will help you plan your trip to take advantage of the cheapest airfares – often for a fraction of the cost of the standard airline prices

  • How to find multi-million dollar homes to stay in – for free
  • Where the cheapest places are to live – where you can enjoy a first world life for a third world cost
  • How to create an income that allows you to travel (many of our correspondents will talk about how they got started with earning an overseas income from a variety of sources; everything from casual handyman to travel blogger, affiliate marketer, and beyond…in fact we’ve detailed over 160 different ways many expats and travel bloggers have been able to earn an income to sustain their new lifestyle)
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You’ll meet the Wagoner family who moved from the United States to Spain and have immersed their kids in a local school when they’re not traveling and home school them from different parts of the globe. You’ll also meet Lainie Liberti whose young son Miro has been her traveling companion through South America for the last 7 years since they left Los Angeles when he was 9.

You’ll meet people like the young couple who travel and live throughout Europe – for less than $US 8000 per year…often staying in luxury accommodation along the way

You’ll find out where you can suffer a heart attack, be rushed to hospital,have stents replaced, and be home within a week – all covered under health care that costs just $20 per month

You’ll find the secret to getting long term luxury European accommodation like the places below… for free

Houses sat

Two of the stunning homes the Bauches have enjoyed for free (Photos M Bauche)


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