If your image of the typical house-sitter is a cat loving baby boomer than think again. Laura and Tanbay are two twenty somethings travelling the world and enjoying it without the cost of accommodation.

A chance search for how to live rent free led them to discover the art of minding houses and three years later the two young people have enjoyed many parts of the world while living on minimal costs.

Their adventures have taken them from Australia to the Azores. We caught up with them both in Germany where they were visiting friends and family between housesits.

You can follow their adventures and grab a copy of their e-book: Housesitting in Australia; A Guide for First Time House-sitters at their website http://www.travellingweasels.com

11880372_431505380366745_3681303918940247441_n Laura and Tanbay

What I learned from speaking with Laura and Tanbay:

  1. Housesitting can save far more than just the cost of renting or hotel accommodation. Food is one of the most expensive parts of living and eating out from a hotel can be a killer. Housesits of course come with kitchens and the ability to save more money in this area. Housesitting also cuts down on possessions and saves money being frittered away on things that you don t necessarily need
  2. Get a police check done before you start. This gives you a credible reference and more peace of mind for people seeking housesitters.
  3. Start with friends and family so you can build references. It can be a catch 22 otherwise – no housesits without references and no references if you don’t go housesitting first
  4. Make sure the rules are clear for both parties. Everyone has expectations that are different and this needs to be discussed, often via skype, in advance.

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