Warren and Betsy Talbot had always planned to travel but felt they had time on their side – until a heart attack by Betsy’s brother had them both ask the question – If we knew we wouldn’t make it to our 40th birthday what would we change right now?

In 2008 they began planning their escape from the normal 9 to 5 but realized that they could only move forward if they made some concrete decisions about how to simplify and unclutter their lives. They also realized their decision to travel the globe together was going to present fresh challenges – they had barely spent more than 10 days of their married life together on a trip before!

In 2010 they hit the road and haven’t looked back. After a few years of travel they settled into a slower pace of life basing themselves in the pretty village of Lubrin, Spain.

We met up via skype to discuss with them their adventures and why people allow mental and physical clutter to stop them becoming true travelers.

You’ll enjoy following their advice and tips at www.anunclutteredlife.com

great-wall-of-china-warren-and-betsy-married-with-luggage married-with-luggage warren-and-betsy-talbot

What I learned from talking with Warren and Betsy:

  1. Getting the clutter out of your life – both physical and mental is the first step to starting an expat or traveling lifestyle. They made progress towards their goal of true happiness when they decided what it was they wanted to eliminate from their lives.
  2. Set a deadline. These guys gave themselves 25 months to prepare for their new life. Acknowledge that getting rid of things won’t happen overnight and give yourself time to work through it – but no deadline will stop you from making regular progress.
  3. Make yourself accountable. Much like Tony and Stephenie Harrison these guys made it known what they planned to do which kept them on track to avoid egg on their faces.
  4. Don’t be afraid to eliminate friends with the clutter. Sometimes it can be the emotional baggage of old habits that can stop you from moving forward on your new journey. Realize that not everyone will understand or agree.
  5. Constant decision making is a key part of travel. Set some ground rules when traveling over what decisions are non- negotiable and who gets the final say – their system of taking turns making decisions seems to work well for them and eliminates unnecessary disagreement.

Check out this episode!

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