Episode 127: Extended Vacations; Brian and Penny Davidson

by | Mar 26, 2023 | podcast

Brian and Penny Davidson have perfected the art of extended vacations, thanks to a combination of slow travel and housesitting. They have no desire to hit the road permanently but want to avoid rushing around sites and being restricted by a budget as normal travel can be.

In this episode, we explore the many benefits of house sitting as an option for travel and how it can provide a local experience and cost savings. We talk about how Brian and Penny are able to afford 3 – 4 month holidays without incurring any more cost than a short term rushed holiday would be.We discuss the changes in travel over the past fifteen years, the concept of digital nomadism, and options for extended travel. We explore options for affordable travel and recommend websites and apps for travel planning. Lastly, we discuss the importance of communication when travelling, cultural differences, and earn earning options while travelling.


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