Episode 128: The Benefits of Medical Tourism: Chris Englert and Steve Goodfriend

by | Apr 2, 2023 | podcast

In this episode, Chris Englert and Steve Goodfriend discuss their nomadic lifestyle, and explore the financial and medical benefits of travelling the world. They share their own strategies for saving money, such as investing in stocks at a young age and prioritizing travel. The speakers also share their experience finding medical care in different countries, and the importance of having insurance. Furthermore, they discuss the importance of spending time with family and friends, and the lessons they have learned from their lifestyle. Finally, they give an overview of the Eat Walk Learn resources available for those looking to explore and educate themselves.

You can check out their website at Eat Walk Learn



  1. Tina Kelly

    Fantastic!! Thank you. So inspiring for those seeking medical or dental care outside the USA.

    • admin

      Glad you enjoyed Tina! Having done some medical work overseas ourselves (mainly dental) we would definitely agree that it comes with advantages, especially for Americans


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