Episode 135 (From the Vault): How We Got Started with Fulltime Travel; Michael and Yvonne Bauche

by | May 18, 2023 | podcast

Can you really sustain a lifestyle caring for other people’s houses and never have to go home again? Today’s guests are living proof of the fact.

Michael and Yvonne Bauche gave up a comfortable but stress-inducing lifestyle in Vancouver Canada 3 years ago and they haven’t looked back. Their income is lower but so is their living costs giving them the opportunity to live a millionaire’s lifestyle on less than $C3000 per month all without having to eat into their savings.

They’ve met interesting people and made new friends for life. They’ve housesat in many parts of Europe, Central America and the Caribbean and now spend over 70% of each year minding houses, often for repeat clients who have them back. They have so many requests in fact that they have built up a network of fellow house sitters who can take care of the clients they can’t get to!

But the best part is they have their freedom back. In today’s interview you’ll discover just how easy and cost effective housesitting can be and the opportunities it can open up for you to live your life to the fullest.

If you’d like to know more about housesitting check out their website at http://thebauches.com   or you can grab their free report at   http://yourescapeblueprint.com/free-housesitting-report/


What I learned from their interview:

  1. If you’re serious about housesitting travel light. Both Michael and Yvonne exist with hand luggage only and don’t really feel they miss anything from doing so (Yvonne even confesses to not carting heels with her!). It helps they have mainly focused around warmer climates but if you want to make life easy (and save on luggage costs and insurance ) then travelling light helps
  2. Housesitting offers a far more meaningful way to enjoy an area. You can be treated as a local. Michael and Yvonne encourage their hosts to set them up with a network of people when they arrive which makes the whole process far more comfortable for them
  3. Don’t spread yourself too thin. The Bauches concentrate on housesitting in regions resisting the urge to leap around the world and incur bigger travel costs.


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