Episode 130: How to Save $30000 pa While Traveling the World; Michael and Yvonne Bauche

by | Apr 11, 2023 | podcast

In this episode, we discussed the ins and outs of house-sitting and how to find the right sit for yourself. We spoke with Michael andYvonne Bauche, who have done over 85 house-sitting sessions. They suggested that newbies should start with shorter, smaller sets in order to build up preferences. For those looking to travel extensively, they recommend a minimum of one month for a house-sitting session. We also discussed how to read into house-sitting profiles, how to create trust between the owner and house-sitter, and how to identify when the owner is looking for. Lastly, we looked at the benefits of house-sitting, including forming a network of friends across the globe

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You can find out more at www.nomadicretirementliving.com

Check out their resources on housesitting via International Living; The Ultimate Guide to Free Stays in Luxury Accommdation All Over the World at https://www.ilbookstore.com/housesitting



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